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HR Manager - Experts

As part of the course IT Project Management, we are developing an algorithm that reads and evaluates the answers of an applicant for a certain job position. In order to generate enough sample answers for the evaluation we would kindly ask you to fill out our short survey. Please note that you help us most with answers of a certain amount of words. You have the chance to win 1 of 3 Amazon vouchers worth €10.

The survey takes around 10 Minutes to complete.



In this survey you are applying for the position of an HR manager. Please put yourself in the example scenario below and answer the questions.

"The company you are working for as an HR manager, is highly dependant on its big customers. The industry in which the company is operating serves a limited demand. So losing even one customer can have negative consequences to the company’s position on the market. You are aware that keeping the main clients is one of the priorities of the CEO.
One of the key teams of the company is the department responsible for research and development. Their last launch was successful and brought significant profit to the company. Their team leader contributed greatly to the success of the project, so you are planning to nominate him for a promotion - to the position of department manager.
One day, your company’s CEO approaches you in request of taking a new candidate into consideration for the position of the department manager. While looking up the new candidate online, you notice that she is the daughter-in-law of the CEO of one of your most important customers."

Due to intensified pressure by the company’s upper management you had to decide for and hire the CEO’s favorite candidate.
Having taken a decision of major impact to the company, many of the internal candidate’s colleagues express their discontent about your decision.

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